Retired CIA Agent, former marine, and entrepreneur Karl Renne, VMI Class of 1996, is a founding partner and CEO of Ghost Wolf Industries. Renne spent ...View Details

Bob Fricke, VMI Class of 1978, was one of our 2019 leadership conference breakout speakers. Alumni speakers provided our audience with personal examp...View Details

Josh Austin, Vice President of the VMI Class of 2020, says that the military-style structure at VMI was something he sought in a higher-education envi...View Details

In this remote episode of our podcast prior to 2020's graduation, we got to know Madeleine Barrett,VMI ring designer for her class. Her leadership jou...View Details

Learn by observing is great advice when you are the new kid on the block. Through Jeremiah Gaulding's various leadership roles, even coming into VMI, ...View Details

On this remote podcast episode, we talked with Sam Trepp, VMI Class of 2020's class president. He discusses his unique leader journey which started wi...View Details

Our Center's mission is to enhance the VMI citizen-soldier journey with programming that educates, engages and inspires critical thinking, ethical dec...View Details

In this episode of the VMI Leader Journey podcast, our guest, VMI Class of 2007, former Marine, and entrepreneur Carrie Papke talks about how being op...View Details

In this episode of the podcast, we sat down with Cadet Carl Skerry Class of '20 to talk about his leadership journey and his experiences at VMI. Skerr...View Details

Each spring, VMI hosts a leader-in-residence to visit Post for a mutual exchange of ideas on leadership and ethics. The individual is a leader in busi...View Details

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