John Urschel at VMI talking with cadetsIn this episode with former NFL offensive lineman, PhD mathematics candidate at MIT, and author John Urschel, we spoke about his football and math careers and how he developed and applied his leadership style. He came to post spring 2020 as part of our Courageous Leader speaker series. 

This podcast is hosted by the VMI Center for Leadership and Ethics. The Center's mission is to enhance the VMI cadet's citizen-soldier journey with programming that educates, engages and inspires critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and leader development. For more information about our Center and its programming, please visit Center for Leadership and Ethics

The VMI Leader Journey podcast provides a forum for sharing the leader journey stories and experiences of VMI cadets, alumni, faculty and more plus those from the VIP guests who visit post. During our casual conversation style format, we pose questions to draw out leadership competencies which tie back to the VMI cadet leader journey to share with a broader, national audience. 

This episode touches on the following leader competencies: critical thinking, analysis, motivation, self-understanding, vision, setting the example, and mentoring.

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