Learn by observing is great advice when you are the new kid on the block. Through Jeremiah Gaulding's various leadership roles, even coming into VMI, he found this to be a good rule of thumb. He says he finds certain challenges are easier to bear when you know everyone else is going through the same thing. Prior to attending VMI, Gaulding faced a few serious life challenges and says he was able to push through thanks to that perspective and the close relationships he had around him, including his dyke [an upper-class cadet mentor]. 

In this episode, you'll hear a little bit about VMI's 'adopt a rat' program where local families open their homes to host matriculating cadets to provide them an off-post respite from the rigors of the Ratline. Capt. Catherine Roy, communications and marketing specialist for the Center, regularly opens her home to participate in the program - and has adopted a few others she has met by way of her interactions with cadets. 

During our conversation, we touched on the following leadership values such as self-understanding, helping others, listening, responding to change, resiliency, and adaptability.



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