Our Center's mission is to enhance the VMI citizen-soldier journey with programming that educates, engages and inspires critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and leader development. The VMI Leader Journey podcast is an outreach program where our guests can share insights from their own leadership journey, and where VMI may have contributed to their personal growth. 

In this episode, we touched on the following leadership competencies taught in the mandatory course on leadership in organizations and addressed in the publication VMI Leader Journey Bookletadaptive leadership, decision-making, communications, teamwork, and organizational behavior.

Our guest Paul Boucher is currently a second-class cadet studying international studies and political science. He hails from Orangevale, California and plans to commission in the Army upon graduation. He has been involved in leadership positions in the Cadet Superintendent Advisory Board and the Annual Rat Challenge Event, as well as a member of the investment club. We discussed his transition to online learning,  keeping up with VMI requirements while being away from post and on Pacific time, and how his experience at VMI has shaped his views on leadership. 

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