In this remote episode of our podcast prior to 2020's graduation, we got to know Madeleine Barrett,VMI ring designer for her class. Her leadership journey was an exercise in learning how to pick the right leadership roles, but admits she tried several ranging from ethics debate team to club Cadet-in-Charge. Her desire to get involved with so many gave her the chance to figure out who she is. 'Good & Plenty' is the name of a candy one typically sees at a movie theater candy counter. Said Barrett, VMI had so many leadership opportunities, she was like a 'kid in a candy store' so that's where we got the title for this episode. Hear more about the roles she had, including how she became the lead for her class ring design team, its symbology, and how it's been a source of inspiration through the closure of her senior year, and her favorite role of all - a dyke. 

Our Center's mission is to enhance the VMI citizen-soldier journey with programming that educates, engages, and inspires critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and leader development. The VMI Leader Journey podcast is an outreach program where our guests can share insights from their own leader's journey, and where VMI may have contributed to their personal growth. In this episode, we touched on the following leadership competencies taught in the mandatory course on leadership in organizations and addressed in the publications Leader Journey Booklet: goal-setting, prioritization, positivity, duty, and responsibility.

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